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A number of e-retailers gradually offer various solutions for delivery. One of the most common is now to have the package delivered to a parcel shop, where it is quite flexible for you to be able to pick up the package at a time of your own choosing. The form of delivery is extremely practical, and in many cases also the most affordable method of delivery.

You could also prefer to have it delivered to where you live or to your place of work. This is usually a little more expensive, but also particularly appropriate. The least expensive delivery option is undoubtedly to pick up the products yourself, which unfortunately depends on you living a short distance from the online stores headquarters.

The delivery time can be ultra essential if you absolutely have to use the item within a few days, and for that purpose it is quite essential that we study the estimated delivery date for the relevant product.

Many businesses on the web perform day-to-day shipping on most goods, which, however, are based on the fact that the order is placed before a fixed time, so that they have the opportunity to get the goods ready before that the logistics staff go home.

Delivery speed can be super important

It is very easy for internet users to find information about prices at several online outlets and thanks to this, a large number of e-shops have found it inevitable to drastically lower the selling price of many of their items – for juniors, but also for men and women – and sometimes even promise free shipping.

It can always be worth the time to check a few shops online for offers before you shop, so that you are guaranteed to get the best price.

No matter what, you should be aware that if an e-trader offers products for a sale price that is considered sky-high, this could often be a warning of a fraudulent online business. Payments by card are, however, covered by a guideline which protects people against dishonest traders online.

We generally recommend ordering by card or paying by mobile phone. Alternatively, you should choose an offer from e.g. ViaBill, in case you prefer to honor the amount in the future.

Before someone shops at an online shop, you should familiarize yourself with the shops conditions from time to time, but it is usually not very fun.

Another option could perhaps be to check whether the online company is a member of the e-label, since this is typically a declaration that the e-commerce recognizes the official Danish rules, in addition to the fact that the website is often reviewed by experts there has the necessary know-how about the regulations in the area. This is also a good chance to get assistance if you encounter problems with your purchase.

An image of the internet company defending the official rules

Trustpilot actually offers decent chances to probe quite a few current customers reviews and therefore it is recommended that you probe the internet webshops ratings before you complete your shopping.

Facebook also provides reasonably good methods to get an idea of the e-shops customer satisfaction. Here you can see a number of internet retailers who offer customers to create a review of their purchase experience, which should also be used to give you an impression of customer satisfaction.